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Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Reason Why

That the "palestinians" hate that fence Israel is building.

Go here and look at the graph on the bottom. (I'd load it here, but Blogspot seems to hate it and won't accept it)

Why hate the fence? Because it stops them from killing more Jews. Look at that graph. The level of successful bombings has dropped, while more bombers are intercepted. Gee, ya think? It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to guard a huge line in the sand! And as that wall gets completed, less and less bombers are going to be able to kill little kids, and mothers taking babies for a walk. There will be less people getting blown up at Bat Mitzvahs, or at pizza restaurants.

den Beste wrote a masterful piece on the wall that is being built. But one of the best parts of it all is this:

In every way, the decision to build the wall puts time on Israel's side, where time used to be viewed as being on the side of the Palestinians. Once the wall is complete, the Israelis can withdraw their military forces from the West Bank. Part of why the Palestinian power struggle hasn't turned violent is that the Israelis have been keeping the peace. When they are gone, it will turn ugly very rapidly.

And with the wall in place, it will become far more difficult for the Palestinians to make attacks on Israel.

Worst of all, the wall de facto draws the line of demarcation for the two-state solution, and the longer that it exists without any formal agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, the less chance there would eventually be of renegotiating the border, even if the Palestinians ultimately accepted a two-state agreement

The wall has finally laid to rest the lie that "palestinians" want their own state. They could give a shit about their own country, they just want to kill Jews. They don't care about peace, they just want to kill Jews. They don't care about life, happiness, or living together, THEY JUST WANT TO KILL JEWS! And this wall proves it, in a glaring light that only the truly stupid and blind can ignore.

If the "palestinians" want their own state, why aren't they happy to get it? This wall is one big giant border, with Israel on one side, and the "palestinians" on the other. Two states. And the "palestinians" get their own state, and their own government, and their own EVERYTHING. They should be happy! They should be pleased! But they're not. Because they never wanted their own state unless it was built on the bodies of every Jew in Israel.

This fence needs to go up, and anyone who doesn't want it can piss off. Let the "palestinians" blow each other up, let them stew in their own violence and hatred, let them kill each other off if they can't kill the Jews. I don't really care about them, they've proven themselves to be unworthy of my caring. As of right now, anything that prevents homicide bombers is a good thing.

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