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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Random Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Just a few things that I had to toss out there:

1) Don't give me a bullshit line about how you are fighting for "civil rights", OK? Let's just get that bullshit out in the open right now. I still can't carry a gun in San Francisco without getting tossed into jail, and THAT particular right is guaranteed in the FUCKING 2ND AMENDMENT of the Constitution! If people actually gave a fuck about civil rights, they would fight for ALL of them. So as far as I'm concerned, everybody who whines about how marriage is a right but won't let me carry a gun in California can go fuck themselves gently with a chainsaw. I'm calling bullshit on the whole damn lot of hypocrites and assholes in San Fran whining about people's rights. Newsom and his gang don't give a fuck about anything but power.

2) This whole problem would have never come up if the god-damned government would have just stayed the FUCK out of what is supposed to be a religious institution. You want to know my entire opinion on marriage? Marriage comes from a church. Everything else is a civil union, no matter what you want to fucking call it. Were you married by a Chief of Justice instead of a Priest? Fuck you, it's a civil union. Call it whatever the fuck you want, that doesn't change the fact that a CoJ cannot perform a ceremony that is reserved for priests and pastors (or clerics or whateverthefuckyoucalltheminyourworld). In all honesty I put more stock into a marriage ceremony performed by some Wiccan witch than I do a CoJ. Call me weird, but those people who are married in a religious ceremony have something more than just two people in their marriage. I'd be interested in seeing the divorce rates for those married in a church of some sort vs. those "married" by some judge.

3) Now that you know how I feel about marriage (from thought number two) you can see exactly why I don't give a flying fuck about the whole "should two gays be married" issue. As far as I'm concerned in my personal opinion, some gays have already been married. For me it's a matter of how it's done, rather than if it should be done at all. Seriously, if anyone wanted to protest gay marriage, they should have started years ago. That battle is already lost, folks. The question now is do we do it legally and properly through legislation, or do we allow some fucking black robed piece of shit petty tyrant dictate how our lives are going to be from now on?

4) My main opposition is to the fact that a small group of people has just forced their opinions down the throats of everyone else in America. Sorry, but you just got my temper up, and I'll be damned if I allow a group of arrogant fucking assweasels to just TELL me "It's this way now, just deal with it". FUCK YOU! Fuck you, fuck your whore of a mother, and fuck the father you never knew because he didn't pay for the first time! You want to keep this shit behind closed doors and protected from honest debate, FUCK YOU! You want to just wave your hand and make it so? FUCK YOU! You want to prevent people from having a say in how this country is going to be run? FUCK YOU! You want to remove MY voice, bypassing MY elected representative, just so that you can have YOUR way all nice and smooth?


Have I made myself clear on that?

5) My solution to this is simple: Get the government out of marriage entirely. Let the government recognize civil unions all they want to, but leave marriage to a church. I don't care if it's Jewish, Christian, Islam, Wicca, Nosepicking Schlockjockeys, as long as it's a formal recognized religion, you can call it a wedding. But weddings do not belong in government at all.

Any questions?

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