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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I guess what gets me the most is that so few people in America live by principles anymore. We're so inundated by anecdotes that few of us seem to ever sit down and think "What do I believe?"

The Gay Marriage issue is another in a long line of issues that highlight this disturbing aspect of contemporary American life. Judge ignores the law, does what he thinks is right. People on the Left celebrate, people on the Right object. The reverse of what happened when a judge in Alabama tried to disregard the law with his Ten Commandments statue.

One of the things feared most by Christianfolk is that if Gay Marriage is legal in California, does the "full faith and credit" clause of the Constitution mean that, say, Texas has to recognize that marriage? The Left would argue "yes".

But that wouldn't apply for something like concealed carry permits, would it? Or does it? If you are licensed to carry in Texas, can you carry in Oregon?

One of the most interesting events in the past ten years where principle is concerned, in my opinion, is what is happening at the University of Colorado right now. I wish I could summon the time and energy to fully comment. The short story is this: a number of women allege that they were sexually abused by athletes. Black athletes. The football coach came out and said that one of the accusers had tried out for the team, but she stunk.

The whole of Boulder, a Liberal city, is in uproar. I think it is because there are so many Leftist ideals colliding and those Liberals, like most, have no idea what they really believe in. They've no foundation to rely upon. Look at the mix:

- women alleging that they were victimized -- PC-protected class

- the women are charging that the University didn't take their claims seriously -- victimizing paternal society!

- one woman said her attackers were "big and black"

- Boulder police have been questioning big black fellows - but that's another PC-protected class

- and then there's the coach.

The Left want him fired.

From a University.

For speaking his mind.

At a University.

Where freethought should reign. They want him out. What he said was insensitive.

At least the coach is White. What a relief that must be for the PC crowd.

See what I mean though?

It sets your head to spinning if you think about it too long. Does anyone believe in anything anymore? Or is it all just catch-as-catch-can, all day, every day?

And if so, is that the way it should be?

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