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Friday, February 20, 2004

Cleaning up after Clinton


Faced with violent political upheaval in Haiti, U.S. officials yesterday said they will send military experts to assess the security of its embassy and warned Americans to leave the rapidly deteriorating nation.

We've been here before, haven't we? Clinton sent in troops to keep Aristide in power. Aristide is nothing more than a corrupt thug, but he was the UN's corrupt thug, so they wanted him to stay. Clinton, ever happy to give a tongue bath to the UN, sent in our boys in green. So once again, we're back to square one in dealing with this problem.

Aristide, who has survived three assassination attempts and a coup, indicated yesterday he plans to cling to power. He has lost much support since flawed legislative elections in 2000 led international donors to freeze aid, preventing him from fulfilling an election promise to improve life for Haiti's 8 million people.

While striving to protect its own citizens, the United States is keeping a cool distance from Haiti's political crisis. Conflicted about Aristide and distracted by problems elsewhere in the world, the Bush administration primarily is looking to other nations and the Organization of American States to help Haiti resolve its many problems.

Pressure is mounting, however, for U.S. engagement in Haiti.

Haiti is an economic and ecological hellhole, no two ways around it. If the world wants the US to get involved, we CANNOT do it by the UN's rules! The UN will simply insure that a corrupt thuggish puppet is installed, so that the UN can control Haiti. We cannot be culpable in that again. In order for Haiti to be a stable country, the UN needs to stay out.

And if we send up shipping troops to Haiti, then by god we'd better be doing everything OUR way. OUR troops, OUR rules! And if the UN doesn't like that, TOO FRIGGING BAD! We did it their way last decade, and this is the result!

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