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Saturday, February 28, 2004

CA Donks support Rapists!

You think I'm kidding?

Last July, a 20-year-old thug named Stewart Pearson soaked a rag in toilet bowl cleanser and Ajax and used it to smother 17-year-old Tina Phan while she was sleeping in her Terra Linda, Calif., home. Tina gasped, trying to fend off Pearson, but he wielded a knife and overpowered her. Pearson raped and brutalized her. According to Phan, Pearson told her he had committed the same crime before and planned to do it again. Phan bravely persisted in pressing charges against Pearson. He initially denied raping Phan, but admitted guilt last fall.

If this son of a bitch had done it to one of MY family members he would have been leaking much bodily fluid by now, but I digress.

Enter Rep. Woolsey. As first reported by the Marin Independent Journal, the outspoken feminist and anti-violence-preaching Democrat attempted to intervene in the case. She used her official stationery to send a letter to the local presiding judge in support of . . . the convicted rapist.

In a bleeding-heart plea for leniency, Woolsey wrote: "Stewart Pearson is a young man from a supportive family. I believe he has a promising life ahead of him, and I urge you to consider these factors when deciding on a suitable sentence." Woolsey noted further that Pearson had volunteered for her campaign, as if stuffing envelopes for Woolsey somehow mitigated the violence he committed against Tina Phan -- whose promising life Woolsey didn't bother to show an ounce of concern for at all.

I beg your pardon? Excuse the hell out of me? Did I just enter some bizzaro world where the life of a rapist is worth more to a Democrat than the life of the young victim?

Oh, wait, felons overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Never mind, I see the pattern here.

Thankfully, the judge ignored Woolsey and sentenced Pearson to eight years in prison, the maximum allowed under a plea deal.


What explains Woolsey's soft spot for this violent sexual predator? Pearson is the son of one of Woolsey's aides. Did she believe him to be innocent after carefully reviewing the facts of the case? "(I)n my mind, he is not a criminal," Woolsey told the Marin newspaper. Yet, Woolsey never bothered to fill her mind with the truth. She admitted she "knew nothing" about Phan's rape case and "had no idea what the courts had found." (Spoken like a true Clinton defender and callous cronyist.)

The House Ethics Committee in Washington is probing whether Woolsey intervened inappropriately. But Woolsey is guilty of a far bigger sin -- the fraud she has perpetuated in the name of her "progressive" ideology at the expense of teen-age rape victim Tina Phan.

The plot sickens thickens!

Woolsey has continually raked in campaign cash based on her reputation as a tireless champion for women's and children's rights. She lambasted college campuses for inadequate collection of rape and sexual assault data. She aggressively pushed for the Violence Against Women Act, the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims' Housing Act, the Stalking Prevention and Victim Protection Act, the Date-Rape Prevention Drug Act, the Protection of Women in Prison Act, and the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act.

Woolsey has promoted women's rights in Afghanistan; called for stronger prosecution of rapists in East Timor; performed in the "Vagina Monologues" to show her solidarity with victims of rape, domestic abuse and genital mutilation; and crusaded for the "United Nations Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women" to show how much she cares for the oppressed women of the rest of the world.

Look at me! I care about women! Look at everything I do! Donks are great at talking about how much they care, but when push comes to shove they are sadly lacking any substance.

Maybe if Tina Phan had been raped in a Third World country thousands of miles away and demanded a U.S. tax-subsidized abortion, Woolsey would have come to her aid. Instead, when it came down to putting her high-minded liberal ideals where her mouth was, she betrayed an innocent young constituent without hesitation.

Phan has courageously gone public to hold Pearson and Woolsey accountable for their actions. Her congresswoman, Phan blasted over the weekend, "represents the rapist who took advantage."

Lynn Woolsey, The Rapist's Representative. Liberal hypocrites in Marin County will probably forgive her. For Tina's sake, the rest of us should not let her forget.

Just another disgusting example of why the Democrats in this country are unfit to hold any power what so ever.

Hat tip from the Rott.

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