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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Blackhawk Down

Would you like to know where my viceral hatred of Clinton comes from? Go watch the movie.

And while you're watching that movie, keep one fact in mind: The Rules of Engagement (ROE) were set by Clinton and his administration. The rules stating that we could not fire first, even if we saw an enemy target with a weapon.

Those rules changed over time, due to the commanders finally getting sick of their troops being shot at. But the ROE changed on an almost daily basis. Soldiers were getting shafted. Bottom line.

Other people may just disagree with Clinton's policies. But his policies got my fellow soldiers killed.

Dead. Shot. Gutted. Killed. Those deaths can be laid at Clinton's feet, because for all practical purposes, HE set the ROE. And US soldiers paid for it with their lives. That is one massive way that Bush differs from Clinton. Clinton laid out an objective, and then dictated the way that it should be accomplished. Bush lays out an objective, and then tells the Generals "You have your mission. Get it done". End of story.

For all of Bush's faults (and they are many), that is just one reason that I'll be voting for him.

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