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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Andrew Sullivan posts part of an email sent to him. I aghree with it completely. Hence I repost it here.

I am as conservative as can be. Not a paleo, not a neo, but bedrock social and fiscal conservative Catholic. I read your piece and numerous other wailing articles about Bush's non-conservatism and have the following comments:

GWB is not Reagan. He did not campaign on the "goverment isn't the solution, it's the problem" platform. He did, however, campaign on his ability to form bi-partisan agreements to address problems. He stressed this over and over in 2000. He also said he would get a Medicare drug benefit passed (which congress had been jaw-boning for 15 years), address illegal immigration with a no-amnesty worker program, appoint constitutionalist judges, push for a ban on partial birth abortion, not pass additional gun restrictions, allow faith based groups to be eligible for federal funds, hold Saddam and other rogues accountable, pursue missile defenses, modernize NASA, restore dignified behavior to the White House, require testing for students, and have across the board tax cuts.

On each and every one of these issues, he has either achieved legislation or is currently working towards the stated goal. Considering he inherited a tanking stock market, corporate scandals, Clinton's phony economic forecasts, and a recession; its a damn miracle that he was able to stick to his agenda as well as he has. Many conservatives are bitching and moaning about some of the legislation, some of the compromises, and lack of spending control; and some criticism is definitely warranted. But one cannot bitch about the agenda, since he laid it out on the table as clear as day when campaigning.
What you see is what you get with President Bush. You may not like what you see. Raging Dave doesn't like the expansion of spending. I don't like the whole Defense of Marriage charade. I suspect that Ari is very uncomfortable with the Patriot Act. That putz Misha over at NiceDoggie is constantly whining about Bush's policy on Israel.

But what you see is what you get. John Kerry is ahead of President Bush in many polls. Conservatives, in my opinion, need to recognize that what they are getting is far superior to what they'll get with Kerry, and climb back aboard the Bush Train before next January comes and one of the most badly flawed Senators ever is sworn in as President.

The time to complain about the lack of Conservative ideals in the White House will come in 2007 when it is time to select the next GOP nominee not named Dubya.

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