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Friday, January 30, 2004

William Saletan is great. Agree with him or not, he tends to have pretty objective reviews of the Democratic debates.

A few great quotes from this one:

Worst question. Brokaw to Clark: "Should there be, in your judgment, some kind of a compromise so people who believe in the Ten Commandments, or people of the Jewish faith ..." (I don't know what kind of Jews they have in South Dakota, but everywhere I've been, people of the Jewish faith are people who believe in the Ten Commandments.)


"In other words, Clark knew in October 2002 that the resolution wouldn't have served as leverage for a U.N.-based solution, because Bush intended to use it to go to war anyway. Which leaves Clark back in the position of trying to explain what the Clark of October 2002 was thinking, now that the Clark of January 2004 has discredited the Clark of September 2003. "

And Dean continues to prove that "YEEAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" is not an acceptable campaign slogan.

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