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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Well, CRAP!

OK, so I had a lot on my plate today, but I figured I could get it all done. Wake up before light, head over to a friend's place. Had to help a friend move out of a bad situation. Not just bad, but really screwed-up bad. Drive down to Tacoma to pick up U-Haul truck. Problems start. U-Haul is dicking around with my pal on the truck rental. Bad juju. Finally get the truck, and drive to house where we're grabbing stuff from. Get there late. Can't help move much except the heavy shit, because I have to get back to my house in order to meet with Analog Kid and work on new pistol. Get stuck in traffic. Pierce County can officially kiss my ass, and the next time some idiot wants to pull in front of me and hit his brakes, I ain't slowing down asshole! You'll have the brushguard of my truck RIGHT UP YOUR ASS!

Get out of Pierce County, hit Seattle, I-5 N is at a standstill. Find out that screaming "YOU ANNOY ME JUST AS MUCH AS YOUR CROTCH RASH ANNOYS YOU!" while waving middle finger at other drivers is not an effective method of communicating the fact that they're driving like a 90 year old granny on the interstate. Finally get away from Seattle, scream north at around 30-40 miles over speedlimit in order to get home. Miss Analog Kid by a few minutes, as he's already figured out that my lame ass is way late and has left.

Proceed cussing. Scare dog.

Spend a while reassuring dog that she's a good dog, and that Dave is just cussing out his own dumb ass.

Rinse, lather, repeat. I hate this town, the drivers in this town, and all the other various sundries that turn my life into a complicated play rather than a simple, smooth process.

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