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Friday, January 09, 2004

Two links for you today. One, Analog Kid is looking for all Seattle/Everett/Tacoma/Olympia area bloggers who are interested in getting together for the Meet, Greet, and Shoot. Now, I'd drive over to Spokane for the opportunity to get together and blow off rounds with some of these guys, so it really doesn't matter to me where it is. But AK wants to get a central location set so that people don't have to drive for five hours to make it. It's going to be on the 17th of this month. That's a Saturday. Anyone intrested should head on over to AK's and let him know. I'll be there with my new pistol, plus a few of my other guns.

Second, in case you hadn't heard, Madonna has endorsed Wesley Clark as the Donk nomination. Not being one to allow such a moment to pass by unmolested, Lee over at Right Thinking has created a few (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) posters for Clark to use on his campaign. Heh. C'mon, you just KNEW somebody was going to have fun with this!

I'm off to take the dog to the park. Enjoy!

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