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Friday, January 02, 2004

Hey Dumb Yeah, does this make you shit your hoplophobic pants?

I went shopping with the girlfriend and Analog Kid today. I saw the mil-spec M1911, and it was a beautiful gun. Just simply beautiful. But something about it didn't seem right. I don't know if it was the way it fit my hand, or the way it sighted in, but instinct told me to not buy it yet. I listen to my instincts, they've served me well. So, I put it down (barely, it was SUCH a nice gun), and told the guys at the shop that I'd be looking around.

Had breakfast with Analog Kid, did some talking, and then the g/f and I headed to a pawn shop that AK had recommended. Got there, did some looking at .22 pistols, and then for some reason I headed down to the very last counter.

There it was. A Rock Island Armory 1911 clone, sitting on the bottom shelf. I asked to see it. I picked it up, and bam, I knew. This was the gun. The g/f, knowing my preference for revolvers, played the Devil's Advocate, asking just about every question there was. But there was no putting it off. This was the gun. I gave it a good lookover. It was a used gun, but not very. A bull barrel, clean, no corrosion. In fact, there was only one scratch on the entire gun. Almost mint.

That's a picture of a Rock Island 1911 up above. I took it to the range tonight and put 100 round through it. I need to do some work on the grip safety, (grip it wrong and you'll get pinched) but it shoots better than I do. I think I have my new carry piece, and the g/f can finally have the .38 all to herself.

And AK, the shop also had 20 round boxes of 30-06 ammo for $7.00. I picked up three boxes, so if you can find a way for Wade's to let us shoot it inside, I can bring the 1903A3 to your birthday shoot. Nothing like lighting off a hand-held cannon to celebrate!

Now all I need to do is get some hollowpoint ammo, and I'm set.

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