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Sunday, December 28, 2003

While I was Out

It seems that someone finally wised up and shut down some Air France flights.

About damn time, I say. France hasn't done a damn thing to deal with the militant Islamism that has occupied their country. The Shoebomber boarded a plane in France, if I recall correctly. I say we just declare France a hostile country and shut down all flights, but that's because I hate that country. Your milage may vary.

UPDATE: OK, let me just pass on this little tidbit, courtesy of den Beste.

OK, let me get this straight. Seven men on an American terrorist watch list were all found to have purchased tickets on the same Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles. Our people alerted the French, who cancelled the flight, took them all into custody, and after briefly questioning them released them all.

Yep, that's France. I'm surpised that they didn't surrender outright to the seven splodydopes.

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