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Friday, December 12, 2003

So, would the Left ever lie in order to make President Bush look bad?

Take a guess.

Debate viewers got a gloomy picture of the economy and, perhaps predictably, heard about none of the improvements that have come since Bush took office. For example, Sen. Joe Lieberman declared it would take a Democratic president to "get this economy going," but the economy has been gaining momentum over the last several months since Bush's third round of tax cuts took effect.

Weekly claims for unemployment insurance have fallen since April, and economic growth and productivity in the third quarter reached 20-year highs.

Several of the nine candidates criticized the tax cuts Bush pushed through Congress. But none mentioned that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who has served both Republican and Democratic presidents, has cited those cuts as a reason for the recent economic growth.

Right about now, the only thing that the Donks have to campain on is "WE'RE NOT BUSH!"

Hat tip to Random Nuclear Strikes.

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