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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Puggs from RNS responds to this article so much better than I can.

Right..............they may feel free to go fuck themselves now. It's OK, we'll wait, I got a newspaper here somewhere.........What goes around comes around, these pissant hypocrites have been making a fortune off Saddam's mafia state, they threw away their only chance to do the right thing. Now they are upset because they are getting their proper level of respect?

Screw them, the proper level of respect that they deserve is laying on the bottom of as many as 270 mass graves. They can dig for it themselves. Nobody else cares anymore about their pride.
(emphasis mine)

Let's not forget, it was France, Germany and Russia who were making money hand over fist by doing business with Saddam, sometimes in violation of UN sanctions. They did everything they can to keep Saddam in power, for their own filthy reasons. They've pulled in enough blood money from Iraq, and now they can get fucked. If they don't like it, too bad.

Oh, and if little Johnny decides to show up again: About those debts that Bush asked EUnichistan to forgive? He should have simply told them "You loaned money to a brutal dictator who is no longer in power. If you can find him, ask HIM for the money. Because Iraq ain't giving you a damn cent."

UPDATE: By the way, this is American Tax Dollars that are being spent in Iraq. Yours and mine. What right does Old Europe have to demand MY TAX DOLLARS? None. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want a single fucking cent to go to those backstabbing suckweasels.

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