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Friday, December 12, 2003

Please tell me

That you have seen the anti-terrorism protests in Baghdad. What's that? You haven't seen that on the daily news? I wonder why?

Well, OK, what about the New York Times? No? The Washington Post? The.... oh, forget it.

You DO read "Day by Day", Don't you?

And quite honestly, it bothers me to see the complete and total lack of coverage in the news. Instapundit led me to Roger Simon:

I don't want to think that Noah Oppenheim is correct in writing that many in the media quite seriously don't want us to win, but tonight of all nights it seems more likely that could be so. As I type these words at ten p. m. PDT... maybe I missed something... maybe I didn't click far enough... but I see no reports of the large pro-democracy/anti-terror march of Iraqis in Baghdad today in tomorrow's New York Times or Washington Post or in the Los Angeles Times(at least on their websites). Or on the CNN site. Or on MSNBC.... Do you think for one moment that if thousands had been marching for Saddam... for the fascists... excuse me "insurgents"... it wouldn't have been front page news? I don't.

Lets see... who was the only major news outlet to cover the marching and rallying and protesting against terror? Why, could that be Fox News? What a shock!

Here's a tip for all you lefties out there: Fox News isn't biased. They just tell the WHOLE DAMN STORY, as opposed to your one sided temples of ideological punditry.

UPDATE: Healing Iraq has photos of the anti-terrorism demonstrations.
Photo Album One
Photo Album Two
Photo Album Three

As Michael Totten puts it: He has one of the best scoops in the world right now, including photos, and he’s doing it from Iraq for free.

I wonder if the big three feel any embarassment over being shown up by a single man with a camera. Can NBC, ABC, and CBS get any more worthless?

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