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Monday, December 15, 2003

Let's hit the links! These are the ones that I thought were too good to leave alone.

Saddam and Me by Citizen Smash.
A Marine Lance Corporal relates his experience in Iraq.
And last but not least, Glenn Reynolds says that the Media Monopoly have really screwed themselves.

Maybe more later.

UPDATE: It's later, and it's Lileks.

Saddam’s failure isn’t his alone. The entire political construct he represents is a miserable man too tired to resist when it’s finally pushed against a wall. One hopes the point is made: when the US Army turns your way, your barber and your tailor are no help at all. When you’re a ragged hairy thug dragged from a bolt-hole who’s having his back teeth interrogated by a grim buff Murcan soljur who would really prefer to be home for Christmas, there’s a chance Paris and Berlin won't take your calls.

Speaking of Paris and Berlin, I'm interested to know what we're learning about Saddam's deals with those two countries.

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