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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Kim du Toit had Lasik surgery, the lucky bastard. That's something that I've been planning for the future. I'm tired of glasses, or sticking contact lenses in my eyes every day.

Heal up quick, Kim. We need ya bloggin!

And for the quote of the day, we have Tom Delay, responding to Jim McDermott's moonbattery.

"The Democrats' hateful, moronic comments are beyond the pale, and the Democrats know it, but they don't care because they have nothing to offer the public debate but rage, resentment and quackery. Until other Democrats stand up against this hysteria, they're admitting to the country their party has no claim to national leadership." -- Tom DeLay

FINALLY, someone just comes out and says what we feel! Enough of this "Oh, I'm sure McDermott didn't mean it" bullshit. Of COURSE he meant it! He's a fucking loon! Kudos to the Washington State Democrats for actually saying something about McDermott (see my post on him), but on the national front, I've heard silence. Nothing. That's because on the national front, the Donks have stepped off the deep end. Howie Dean, Jim McDermott, "Bags" Albright, they're spouting off drug-inspired conspiracy theories that should be relegated to the trashbin, and yet here are national, prominent politicians going about saying them! If the Donks want to have any credibility left, they need to get rid of their dead weight, not embrace it.

But then, the national Donks care about being in power, and nothing else.

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