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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Izzat Ibrahim, right-hand man to Saddam Hussein
and the next most wanted Iraqi leader, has
been killed or captured in a U.S. raid near the
city of Kirkuk, Iraqi Governing Council sources
said on Tuesday.

"There was a major action against a highly suspicious
objective last night in Kirkuk and it is very possible
that Izzat Ibrahim has been captured or killed,"
said one member of the Council, Mowaffaq al-Rubaie,
adding he had been in contact with U.S. forces.

Another high-level source in the U.S.-appointed
Council said he had been informed that Ibrahim had
been captured in the raid.

Local government officials in Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles)
north of Baghdad, said the town was abuzz with talk
that Ibrahim had been captured. Local police said he
had been found in a raid in the town of Hawija, west of Kirkuk.

U.S. Forces Kill or Seize Top Saddam Aide

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