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Monday, December 15, 2003

Even more reason to hate the Left. And pardon me for being scattered, but I'm pissed as well.

Steve over at Little Tiny Lies is pissed. For those of you who don't know, Steve lives in Miami. Where there also lives a large Cuban refugee population. One by the name of Val Prieto writes of a Cuba journalist, Manuel Portal, who was recently thrown in jail by Castro for critizing Castro. From the CPJ website:

On March 19, 2003, police searched the home of journalist Manuel Vázquez Portal and arrested him. In early April, Vázquez Portal was summarily tried and given an 18-year prison sentence. Twenty-seven other journalists were also convicted and sentenced to between 14 and 27 years in prison during the government's massive crackdown on dissidents that started on March 18.

I think Steve says it damn well:

I live in a country where Janeane Garofalo can put her fat, spoiled face on Fox News and say George Bush is about as bad as Saddam Hussein. A country where Boondocks cartoonist Aaron McGruder can sit at a dais in a public forum and call Condoleezza Rice "a murderer." No repercussions, unless you count amply justified ridicule. It doesn't matter that these statements were clearly lies. You say what you want about the government, and then you go home to your family. You might get audited if you criticize the Clintons, as Bill O'Reilly well knows, but that kind of treatment is exceptional.

Try that in Cuba. Portal tried it, and he got 18 years. For writing. For writing the truth.

Castro regularly kills, jails, and tortures dissidents without thinking twice about it. How much outcry do you hear from the Left about it? None. Zip. Zero. Nada. What do we get?

We get Jimmah Carter calling Castro "A great man".
Harry Belefonte and Danny Glover, as well as many other Hollywood celebrities practically grovel at Castro's feet.
Barbara Walters gives Castro an interview on TV.

90 miles off of our shore one of the worlds most brutal dictators commits henious crimes on a daily basis and the Left continues to fawn and adore him. Just as they fawn and adore other brutal dictators, dead and alive. As The Valient Elephant says below, the Left didn't want Saddam removed. They wanted him in power. They love Castro. They believe that the reason communism hasn't worked is because, despite the 100,000,000 dead and murdered, "the right people haven't tried it yet". Is it any wonder why I call them anti-American? Is it any wonder that I call them the enemy? I cannot comprehend someone who idolizes the monster that is Castro.

When you hear a moonbat screeching about all the make-believe things that Bush has done, ask them about Cuba. If they don't automaticly say that Cuba is worse, write them off as a fool and a moron. But write them in as an enemy.

Go read Steve and Val. They say it much better than I can. I'm a little too pissed.

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