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Monday, December 29, 2003

den Beste sez:

Ultimately I don't think it will matter. Regardless of which candidate ultimately prevails at the [Democrat] convention, this would mean that the intraparty sniping would continue until early August. The winner would then have 3 months to try to heal the divisions inside the party and unify it behind him (or her), while also trying to moderate the party's message enough to have a chance of appealing to the unaligned middle of the American voters who would be repelled by the extreme messages which had dominated party rhetoric before the convention.

Meanwhile, Bush is not facing any significant opposition for renomination within the Republican party. He'll do some campaigning during the primary process, but since he is already certain to be the Republican candidate he will campaign for the November election. Instead of tuning his message for the Republican faithful, it will be aimed right at the unaligned middle. It may not even be necessary for him to engage in negative campaigning about the Democrats, because they'll do him the favor of taking care of it themselves as the Democratic candidates continue sniping at each other
.USS Clueless - White male voters

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