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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Civics 101


Kim du Toit has a post up that should be required reading for the moonbats still bleating about the 2000 election. While it's informative to say the least, what really pissed me off is the fact that the kid who wrote to ask Kim a question couldn't get the answer at school. Here's the email, with my emphasis added:

I was wondering, what is so bad about doing away with the electoral college? I admit, I don't much about why it was created, the only explanation from a history teacher of mine being because the Founding Fathers "didn't trust the peple." which I feel pretty confident in just ignoring that as Left wing crappola.

But a democracy is supposed to represent everyone, who why not make it popular voting so more people's votes count?

I. Am. Stunned.

What kind of a GOD-DAMNED HISTORY TEACHER CAN'T EXPLAIN THE FUCKING ELECTORAL COLLEGE???? Is it any wonder that we have generations of kids who can't even figure out how the hell our government is supposed to work? I want to know why that slack-jawed fuckwit is still drawing a paycheck if they CAN'T TEACH OUR KIDS WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW! How can we expect our high-school students to be able to participate in our government if they don't even know how it operates?

This is just another reason why the public school system should be demolished like the festering pile of racid shit that it truly is. Tear it down and start over, folks. Because if I should ever have any kids, they are NOT going to any god-damned public school, where the fucking teachers can't even be bothered to explain the GOD-DAMN SUBJECTS THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO TEACH!


Go read Kim's answer. It's worth printing out and force-feeding to any asshat to bleats about the 2000 election ever again.

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