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Monday, December 08, 2003

Brian from Nickelodeon Diplomacy brought David Horsey's latest pile of droppings to my attention. Once again, the Donk's desperate attempts to smear Bush as some sort of corporate crony take on a hysterical tinge. I would ask if anyone really believed that Bush takes all his orders from Big Business, but I know that the Loony Left already have that as an article of faith. So lets just recap here, shall we?

Enron, a company that made huge donations to both political parties, managed to pull off one of the biggest corporate scams in history under a Democrat President. When they were finally caught, they screamed at Bush to help them. Bush dropped them like a bad habit. Not exactly the actions of someone who's dancing to Big Business's tune, is it?

MCI WorldCom, who also performed shady business deals under a Democrat President, gets caught and screams for help. Bush doesn't shed a tear, and people are now on trial and going to jail. Not exactly a puppet's response, is it?

These people just don't get it. Bush doesn't dance to anyone's tune but his own. And if the people who are screaming at the top of their lungs took a moment to look at Bush's track record, they would see that. Bush follows his head, his morals, and his heart, without much care for political gain. He's taken more political risks than almost anyone else, and they've mostly come up sevens for him. But he took those risks because it was the right thing to do, not because some corporate puppet-master was pulling his strings.

But that's OK, Donks. Keep calling Bush a puppet, keep calling him stupid, keep the poo-flinging going. You called Reagan stupid as well, and he brought down the Soviet Union. The more you underestimate Bush, the easier it will be to wipe you off the map.

And one thing that bugs me is that Horsey used to be good. I have one of his drawings hanging on my locker at work. It's sad to see just how far left he's gone in two years.

Or maybe he was always that far left, and recent events have just highlighted that fact. He does write for the Seattle Commie Apologiser Post Intelligencer.

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