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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Well, the protest worked out quite well. Analog Kid and I met up with our pals Sondra and Joe, and went to the overpass at about 0900. By the time we arrived, there were several hundred counter-protesters waving flags and holding signs that read "Support Our Troops". The VFW had a booth up, and there were plenty of vets who brought out a huge flagpole and ran up both the US flag and the MIA/POW flag. I had my US and US Army flags on a makeshift flagpole, and AK had brought his sign on a hickory axe handle. We were set. We waited. And waited. And waited.

And waited.

By 1100 there were approximately 1000 counter-protesters on that overpass, and so many had shown up that the two overpasses north and one south had been filled with people waving the US flag. There were finally a few protesters who showed their faces at 1230. By 1300 they had formed a little group and marched over to the entrance of the National Guard Armory, where they were quickly surrounded by the counter-protesters, who held up US flags and signs. You could barely read any of the protester's signs. I saw one obligitory A.N.S.W.E.R. banner, and most of the cliched logos that the moonbats use, but you could tell that they never expected anyone to show up and rally against them. One man was standing in front of a "Wage Peace" sign with a home-made banner of his own. I have a few shots of him holding it up.

"Visualize Peace, through the lens of your AN/PVS-4's"

That would be the night optical scope for heavy weapons such as the .50 cal and MK 19. In any case, it was a success. We didn't stop the protesters from saying anything, we just made sure that we raised our voices louder. Our folks got right in the middle of them, in front of them, and on every corner facing them. As the troops drove by in ones and twos, they saw flags, banners, and signs, all in support of them.

And that was the goal.

UPDATE: Just got a pic in from Sondra. You can't see me, I'm stuck behind a big sign. Look for the US flag with the Army flag below it on the far right of the picture.

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