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Friday, November 07, 2003

TV wiseacres are having a field day with the Democrat Presidential candidates. Observe:
Jay Leno: "Howard Dean is a politician, a medical doctor and a Democrat. So he has three reasons to tell women to take off their clothes now."

Conan O'Brien: "Last night, during the Democratic debates, candidate Dennis Kucinich said he would stop the death penalty, cut the defense budget and set up a Department of Peace. Kucinich made the remark in response to the question 'Why is it you have no chance of winning?'"

David Letterman: "Are you ready for some exciting news? Dick Gephardt is running for president -- all right, settle down. Gephardt ran once before for president in 1988, but he was no match for the irresistible charm and charisma of Michael Dukakis."

Leno: "Joe Lieberman announced yesterday that he's running for president," says Leno. "He made the announcement at his old high school. Out of force of habit, the kids gave him a wedgie and broke his glasses."
I almost feel sorry for the poor dumb bastards.

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