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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Pardon me while I say "I TOLD YOU SO!

Found this little piece at AlphaPatriot. It seems that a group of California politicos are trying to say "But... but... we were TRYING to get all those dead trees removed!"

Two words for ya. 1) Bull. 2) Shit.

Try this little experiment, if you will. Go to Google. Type in "Beetle Killed Tree Lawsuit". And then start reading. Let me give you the headlines from the first page alone.

Tree clearing in park draws Anchorage suit
Court Puts Tree Harvest on Hold
Green groups sue Forest Service, costing you more $$
‘Let it burn’: Threatened lawsuits could cripple fire fighting
Court Puts Tree Harvest on Hold Monday
Vote Postponed on Lawsuit Regarding BLM-Nevada

Lawsuits, lawsuits, and more lawsuits, all preventing the logging of beetle killed trees. Tons of lawsuits, stifling the harvest of dead lumber, preventing the Forest Service from getting these trees out of the forest before the infestation spreads. Go read my essay at the top of the page for even more links. Hell, go check out this site to see even MORE headlines about the Eco-freak's actions. I can't begin to tell you just how wrong these eco-people are. They sit in their wooden homes, reading their pamphlets and papers, making signs on their cardboard, and never once think about where all that wood comes from. They get their degrees in the liberal arts and think they know everything about forestry, a subject they don't have a clue about. They sit in the city and smugly file lawsuit after lawsuit preventing logging of beetle killed trees, but can't understand why acres of trees go off like firecrackers when a spark is applied. They know NOTHING about fuel ladders or preventing insect infestation, and yet the file even MORE lawsuits that prevent the foresters from doing their jobs. These fires are the culmination of decades of the eco-freaks having it their way.

Take it from someone who grew up in the forest. The eco-freaks don't have a clue about the forest. Not one clue. And you are seeing the result of their actions, and their lawsuits, and their idiotic regulations. I feel for the people in SoCal, I really do. I would NEVER want to lose my home, my memories, and all the things I've worked so hard to obtain. My drumset. My saxophone. My pictures. All my collectables. If my house went up, I'd grab my girlfriend, the pets, and the guns, in that order. Actually, the girlfriend would be grabbing the pets, and I'd be grabbing the guns at the same time. But the rest of it would probably burn, and I would be devastated. But at the same time, I can't help but think that if the people of SoCal hadn't bought into the eco-freaks bullshit, they wouldn't be facing the firestorm. If they hadn't allowed the eco-freaks to hijack ecological policy in California, these fires wouldn't have been nearly as bad as they are.

I wonder if the eco-freaks will be allowed to continue hijacking policy. And I wonder if anyone will learn from this tragedy, or if they will continue on with even mordevastatingng results. The Donks have already started to point fingers at President Bush. "You didn't give us enough money to cut trees!" they cry. I listen to Barbara Boxer (C-Cal) screech and hollar on national TV, and I just shake my head. If they would just let the lumber companies in there, they wouldn't NEED money, they would get PAID! If they would just listen to the people who actually know about forests and wildlands, they wouldn't NEED money, they could get PAID, and the fires would not be raging out of control. It's up to the people of California to deal with the politicians and eco-freaks who put them into this position.

Will they listen? Or will they just continue to plug their ears and hope for the best? I don't know. But I DO know that the politicians who allowed the forests to fall into such a bad condition should be held accountable, and not allowed to point fingers at someone else. They can blame Bush all they want, but it was their caving in to the various eco-groups that allowed the forests to turn into a tinderbox, just waiting for a spark.

UPDATE: DANEgerus has a link on his blog that perfectly describes how the eco-freak policies helped turn SoCal into the firestorm of today.

UPDATE PART TWO: Found via Drumwaster, a link to yet someone else who has seen eco-freaks in action. And I love the very first line:

As a friend of mine said, "If my house had burned down in the California fires I think I'd get a flame thrower and go looking for an environmentalist's house to return the favor."

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