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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

More reasons to hate Seattle

I might just get flamed for this.

I pick up the local Leftist rag, the Seattle Weekly, on a semi-regular basis. If you want to find out what the barking moonbats are thinking (oxymoron alert) then this is the place to go. A lot of it is fairly disturbing, because you read it and then sit back thinking "How the hell can that even process in the human brain?" The article I saw today is of that type. The intro to the article reads:

"Capital Hill is nearing rock bottom, plagued by public drug use and drug dealing, a problematic park, a dearth of social services, a short-staffed police precinct, and a mayor who apparently couldn't care less."

The article goes on to describe several of the problems happening on Capital Hill. For those who don't know (and be thankful you don't) Cap Hill is where you go to find anything out of the norm. My tattoo parlor is up there, which is about the only reason I ever venture to that part of the city. Well, that and taking pictures of the local Barking Moonbat Brigade when they're having a protest over something that nobody with half a brain gives a shit about.

The article names the problems pretty damn good. Rampant drug use. Drug dealing. Prostitution. Homelessness. It's all there, and I've seen it with my own two eyes. It's not uncommon to walk down Broadway and have to side-step some tweaked out bum who's staggering around, high as a kite, screaming at people. You can't go a block without being hassled for "some spare change, a quarter, cuz I haven't et for days". The foul stench that these people give off is only overpowered by the smell of cheap booze on their breath. Apparently, the entire problem is getting worse and worse to the point where the residents of Cap Hill can no longer afford to ignore it.

Too bad. They have brought this upon themselves, and now they must live with the results.

You want to know the mindset of the Capitol Hill population? It's summed up quite nicely in the Weekly. Here's a quote for ya:

There's nothing inherently wrong with drug use, prostitution, or drinking (hell, this paper is all for all three).

Do I need to repeat that? Read that sentence again. And again. THAT is the mindset of people in this town, especially on Capitol Hill. Drug use? You won't find a larger group of proponents for drug use than on Capital Hill (and it's neighboring city section, First Hill, aka Pill Hill). If there is any vice than human kind can think up, it is ADVOCATED on Capitol Hill. Now, while this in and of itself can be debated as a good thing vs. a bad thing, what the residents want is really pissing me off.

They want the government to solve the problem.

Let's forget all about the fact that we pretty much encourage drug use! Now that the results are on our doorstep, MAKE THE CITY SOLVE THE PROBLEM! We advocated prostitution, but now that they're selling themselves on our doorstep, MAKE THE CITY SOLVE THE PROBLEM! We said people should be able to drink all they want, but now that they're pissing and puking in our doorstep, MAKE THE CITY SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Let's forget about the fact that everything we've worked for is now a reality, we don't like the results so MAKE THE CITY SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

Every time a cop sneezes in the direction of a favored minority or "disadvantaged group" in this city, there's lawsuits filed, civil action demanded, riots, protests, and all manner of people going nuts. Oh, but now you WANT MORE COPS??? What if they arrest a black man? Will you still riot and demand the cop be fired? And dear god, let's hope that a cop doesn't face a homeless black man on drugs with a weapon! You just wait until the first cop shoots a transient to save his own life, and watch the protests, the speeches, the riots, the demands FLY!

So my response to Capitol Hill is this: SCREW YOU, YOU WORTHLESS TURD-HUMPERS! The problem isn't going to go away, because you REFUSE to eliminate the conditions that allow the problem to thrive in the first place! YOU are the people who wanted to be left alone! YOU are the people who were outraged when a cop arrested a black guy pissing in a doorway. YOU were the people who were "anti-establishment" with your cries of DOWN WITH THE MAN and SAVE THE (fill-in-the-favorite-cause-du-jour-here). YOU were the people who made damn sure that NOTHING COULD BE DONE about the drug use, the transients, the prostitutes, and everything they brought with them. So now YOU deal with the results, you whining lick-spittles! But don't you DARE take a god-damned cent from me until you change your fucking attitude and STOP ALLOWING the drugs and the prostitutes and the transients to rule the roost! Capitol Hill is yet another example of a group of people following a hedonistic lifestyle, but when they're too fucked up to continue they want someone else to solve all their problems for them. These worthless pukes were more than happy to have the druggies and the drunks when it was cool or when they could make a buck off them, but now that the problems inherent in allowing that sort of behavior to continue un-opposed are showing, they want to whine and snivel to the city to fix it and make it all better! These people supported an entire CULTURE of drug use but "Oh gosh we have DRUG DEALERS in the neighborhood! How could that ever happen??? Pass the joint, man."

Go back and read that first quote from the magazine. "There's nothing inherently wrong about drug use, prostitution, or drinking...." THAT is the reason Capitol Hill is a crime infested shithole to begin with! And until people wake the hell up and smell the damn coffee, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The people of Capitol Hill don't want the problem taken care of because of any kind of morals or discipline, they want those transients gone because "they're harshing my mellow, man!"

But, knowing Seattle like I do, people will bitch, tax dollars will be spent, and the problem will continue. Because too many people feel just like the Weekly does. And those people never, ever, ever learn. Mindless drones without a single original thought in their heads, blathering their bullshit and demanding more money. That's it. That's all there is. The Seattle Weekly might as well be a mainstream newspaper in this city.

This city needs to be carpet bombed, bulldozed, flattened, nuked, carpet bombed again, and then finally flushed into the Puget Sound like the pile of shit that it is. God, I can't wait to get out.

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