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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Making a list, checking it twice

Little troll's been naughty, and I ain't gonna be nice.

Just a recap, for anyone who doesn't know, I have an imposter who's going around, posting some foul crap, and using my contact info. I've been getting the IP's from different people who have been hit, and I've also been copying down the comments, if possible. - Peacetree Farm - Apathy Blog - Making Light - Armed Liberal - Beyond Azure - Conscience Blog -

There were a few blogs that I couldn't get the IP from, but I copied the comment and the URL
Xtra Rant
Alas, a blog

All those IP's resolve back to an AOL server. If you have been trolled, please send me the IP number (if available), and the comment with the time and date. I'm working on this, don't worry. And thanks to one person, I believe I have a damn good idea of just who the troll is.

Never piss off a grunt.

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