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Monday, November 17, 2003

If you have been trolled by my imposter, please go here or here.

Dean's World links to a blog that lays a smackdown on a California college. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

Reporting from Mills College, in Oakland, the camera panned over 50-75 young women nodding in horror and agreement as the reporter explained the anti-war position of the guest speakers, Journalist Nermin Al-Mufti and Amal Al-Khedairy, who are sponsored by Global Exchange:

At this point, all the standard anti-war crap (and yes, I do use the word crap, if the argument has been debunked) is starting to get annoying. If they have a good argument, I'd really like them to use it. Because repeating a lie does not make it true. But I digress.

Reading further into the provided bios, one notices that both women held privileged positions under the Ba'athist Party. Yeah they're qualified, by the thugs and mass murders who ruled Iraq for thirty years.

That would be the party of raping little girls in front of their families. That would be the party of dissidents being dropped into industrial grade plastic chippers. That would be the party responsible for the 300,000 bodies in mass graves in Iraq. That would be the party responsible for more human suffering in the past two decades than can be truly summed up in words.

But of course they're anti-war!

You know, when you're in a hole, you need to stop digging. If the best this college could get was two women from the Ba'athist Party, they need to re-think their plan.

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