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Saturday, November 08, 2003


Nothing says "I love you" like a 150 gr. bullet at 2,910 fps.

Well, I went to the Splauter. (That's "Splatter" and "Slaughter" mixed, by the way) My friend Ari and I met Analog Kid down in Enumclaw, met a few more people, and then headed out. I found out something interesting today. When AK says he likes to drive fast, he means it. I wouldn't mind, except for the potholes large enough to eat my truck. But I digress.

We got to the shooting area, unloaded gear, and then turned to face the pumpkin hoard. AK took out the first one, a nasty little black beast, with his trusty axe. (Yeah, I know, pumpkins are orange. Unless AK's missus gets hold of a pumpkin and a can of black spray paint. Hey, don't ask me!) However, realising that we were being over-run by the gourds, we turned to our Second Amendment rights to protects us from the Orange Menace. I can't count the number of rounds that we shot off. I know that I blew my .38 Special stash, the rest of my 30-06, all of my 12 ga., and all but 100 rounds of my .22 Long Rifle. And AK went through even more, as we was providing ammo to just about everybody. AK also introduced me to the joys of a 450 grain 12 guage shotgun slug, and the resulting ice pack on my shoulder that goes with it. I was doing fine until I popped off a round from that beast. Ari had to leave halfway through, but we shot some pictures, wished him well, and sent him off. Then we reloaded. After a while it was just AK and I, untill some new people showed up with their own guns. REINFORCEMENTS! Heh. They had quite a few nice rifles, and the pumpkins never stood a chance. As AK and I finished up, the other people were lobbing clays and blasting them out of the air.

I took pictures, but of course, I have a 35 mm camera. As soon as AK posts a few pics, I'll snag one and put it up. Or better yet, I'll send you over there to look at it. And as I've said before, if anyone wants to get all pissy over the fact that I don't have a digital camera, they can walk their happy ass down to Best Buy and buy me one. Until then, just deal with it.

The trip to Idaho was much needed, and very productive. More on that tomorrow. For now I've got dinner to cook and guns to clean, not to mention a girlfriend who now gets to deal with me all hopped up on testosterone and adrenalin.

Hiya, Honey!

Oh, and just so I don't get any "You should always have more ammo" lectures, I still have ten rounds of .38. Five in the gun, and five in the speedloader. If ten rounds doesn't get me out of trouble, 10,000 ain't gonna help me much. And since I've depleted my stocks, now is a good time to remind everybody that Ammo Day is November 19th. Just twelve days away, folks!


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