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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Going to the range this morning, so posting will be light. Anyone in the Seattle area is welcome to join in. Analog Kid, Joe & Sondra, plus a co-worker of mine will all be there. Any skill level is welcome, and I'm teaching the co-worker how to shoot. I'll be more than willing to teach anyone who wants to learn, and AK will also teach if you want. We're going to be at Wade's Gun Shop and Range. Mapquest directions can be found here.

Speaking of guns, this doesn't qualify as a dead goblin, since the perp lived, but here's a perfect reason why people should own a gun.

A man who attempted to rob a small grocery store on Beacon Hill in Seattle Thursday afternoon fired a shot that first wounded the store owner, then ricocheted into a customer.

The robber already had the money. But, when dealing with criminals who may or may not be under the influence of some chemical, you never know what they'll do. Take my word on this, I've dealt with more than my share. However, the story has a happy ending!

The owner then shot and wounded the robber, police said

Robber shoots at owner, grazing the man, and owner proves that he has much better marksmanship.

The store owner was hit in the hand, police said.

The store owner wounded the intruder in the face and abdomen. The man ran out of the store, but collapsed nearby.

The intruder and the injured customer were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Of course, since this is ultra-liberal, anti-gun Seattle, they had to include one last statement.

Two weapons were recovered at the scene.

Here's a clue, newspeople. The only weapon that should have been recovered was the criminal's, since it was most likely stolen or aquired through other illegal means. The store owner should have had his gun inspected at the scene, then RETURNED TO HIM IMMIDIATELY, so that the next time some drug-addled dope tries to rob him, he can improve his aim!

Robber: This is a stick-up! Gimme all your money!
Store owner (whipping out pistol): BANG BANG BANG BANG!
Robber: Ow. *thud*

Ah well, at least this guy won't be robbing people again any time soon.

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