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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Going after Rummy

Charlie Rangel and some of his jackass buddies are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. Why? Because.......get this........

".....I was outraged at his performance on the Sunday talk shows where he just completely lacks the sensitivity to be concerned about our men and women that are placed in harm’s way....".

He thinks Rumsfeld lacks "sensitivity" toward the men and women placed in harm's way. Let's take a look at what senstitive ol' Charlie had to say about our troops during the major combat portion of Operation Iraqi Freedom.......shall we?

Charles Rangel (D - La La Land) - Thursday, March 27, 2003 - Hannity and Colmes FNC

""I just don't believe that you bomb women and children in order to enforce [the U.N. resolution on Iraq],"

How fuckin' sensitive of you Charlie! I bet our troops really appreciated your "support"! While you were accusing them of killing women and children, why didn't you tell the audience how they rape chickens and pissed on their grandma's tulips! That would really show them how concerned you are!

"When challenged on his claim that U.S. forces were killing Iraqi children, Rangel said sarcastically, "You're right. They're shooting themselves. They just don't know they're being liberated."

Not that many of the other Donks know the first thing about supporting our troops, but this guy asking for the Sec. of Defense to resign for not being sensitive to our troops?! [sarcasm]Good luck with that! [/sarcasm]

It's like watching crack addicts waste away. :)

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