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Sunday, November 16, 2003

First of all, if you have had someone crap in your comments, please go here. A troll has been using my contact info and going onto other blogs.

Now for the rant:

It's called "CAPITALISM", Mr. Bush.

Of all the things that I hear being bandied about by the Left, it always amazes me that so many people make crap up in order to attack the president, when the could actually use the things he's done in real life. Such as the steel tariffs.

If you want to talk about a stupid idea, this was it. And any conservative who disagrees better be able to back it up, because I cannot see how imposing a tariff like this could help our country. It's pissed off quite a few people, and rightly so. Not only that, but I don't see how anyone can support capitalism and the tariff in the same breath. This isn't capitalism, this is a punitive tariff designed to protect a few jobs at home.

Competition is what drives a free market. The Big Three were producing crappy fuel guzzling cars while the Japanese were putting out gas-sippers that drove for years. And damn if the Big Three didn't come to their senses once it hit them in the pocketbook. They still haven't (in my opinion) put out a car that they can hold up to a Honda Accord, but their quality is lightyears ahead of what they were. C'mon, anyone remember the Pinto? Chevrolet put out a car that sucked so much ass, I can't even remember the name. But they eventually pulled their heads out of their collective asses long enough to realize that they couldn't get ahead by pushing junk cars, because Honda, Toyota, Nissan, et al would eat them alive. Thus, they were forced to bring their quality up. The Japanese did the same, and we end up with much better cars that we would have if there were no competition.

Well, the free market also works with steel. Better quality, lower price, faster manufacture, all these improvements come about because one manufacturer wanted to outdo his competitor. Tariff's retard that process, and it's not a good thing.

Drop the damn tariff's Mr. Bush.

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