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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Time for some more Hot Linky Love!

Yes, it's that time again, where I have too much to share. Been doing the thing, and some other places as well. First of all, we have Mark Steyn on the issue of Conservatism in the UK and Canada. It's an interesting read, giving you a small glimpse into the politics of a different country.

TownHall time. Jonah Goldberg writes on how he was wrong about France. They're even worse than he thought. Walter E. Williams writes on how the Education establishment is failing Black students in general, and all students as a whole. Mike S. Adams has a few thoughts on how to counter the Thought Police. Andrew Grossman comments on the multiple failures of Medicare, which is nothing more than a form of socialized healthcare. It's not an uplifting piece. And last but not least, Debra Saunders writes on the hypocrisy of the Black caucus, NAACP, and various other leftist groups who oppose the nomination of Judge Janice Brown.

I saved this for last because this is a subject that makes me want to tear my hair out and scream. The Left, for all of it's claims of "diversity", refuses to accept the fact that a minority can do well WITHOUT THE LEFT'S HELP! This can be seen by the Left's treatment of any black who left the plantation! When Condi Rice is called a "house nigger"... Condi Rice, who went to college AT THE AGE OF 15, gets called a "house nigger", Colin Powell, the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, who has done more in his life than most of the Black Caucus combined, gets called a slave for Bush, it's infuriating. Julian Bond isn't fit to lick the dirt off of Condi Rice's shoe, and yet he's using every foul name in the book towards her. Watching the leftists go apeshit at successful, strong people like Rice and Powell, and Janice Brown, highlights just how low and how foul the Left has sunk. I truly hope that come election 2004, Bush holds up the filibusters of judges like Estrada, and Brown, and Priscilla Owens, and says "Look who the LEFT didn't want on a bench!" For all the hot air coming from the Left about how the Right is "racist", when Bush tries to nominate two black judges and a hispanic judge to some of the highest benches in the USA, it's the Left who refuses to allow it. And since I don't think I can accurately convey my true feelings on this subject, take a gander at Thomas Sowell's opinion on it as well.

What's the lesson here, folks? That the Left loves the dark skinned people, as long as they keep their asses on the plantation where they belong. The Right doesn't give a damn what your skin color is, as long as you can produce. The right looks at minorities as people. The Left looks at minorities as "Black people" or "Hispanic people" or "Fill-in-the-blank-and-add-a-hyphen-people". Which would you prefer?

Now then, let's see what we have in our grab bag, shall we?

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has a novel plan to jumpstart his states education system, and this time it's one that I like! He wants to pay teachers what they're worth, but force them to give up the union.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (search), a Republican, wants to create a new educational job titled, "super teacher" for educators interested in making $100,000 in salary and bonuses -- but there's a catch. Teachers would have to give up certain union protections like tenure (search) and job security.

"They're willing to waive tenure and seniority rights," said Pawlenty. "So we can hire who we want, fire who we want and assign them when we want and how we want to assign them."

The "super teacher" bonuses would kick in when students improved their scores on standardized tests. Pawlenty is proposing that these "super teachers" replace the entire teaching staff at selected schools where students are under-achieving.

Expect the National Education Association to scream bloody murder over this. Fine. Let the NEA scream. The NEA has been one of the largest impediments to quality education in this country over the past few decades, and I would love nothing more than to see the NEA starved, dismembered, and killed. Have you ever wondered why good teachers weren't paid what they were worth, yet crappy teachers were paid very well? Just look at the NEA. Why should a second year teacher be at the bottom of the pay scale if they can GET KIDS TO LEARN!? Why should some tenure sucking leech get paid at all, if the kids in that class don't learn? Scrapping the NEA would be a huge first step towards improving education in this country.

Ready for more? Good. When can you tell that you're dealing with a brain-dead leftist? When they make statements like this.

"The U.S. government has no right to try and recolonize Iraq," said Peta Lindsay, national youth and student coordinator for International ANSWER (search) (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), which is organizing the protests with another group, United for Peace and Justice.

Wow... there are so many things wrong with this kid that I don't know where to start. First of all, let's just go with the fact that this is yet another Anti-War protest by the mindless drones. Ummm, I hate to wake you guys up to reality, but we're all ready in Baghdad. Happened a few months ago. Saddam's out of power now. Second of all, re-colonise? RE-colonise? When were we there the first time? What was the date of the first colonization? You can't even make a coherent statement, and yet you expect me to listen to you when you spout of your bullshit? Oh, and about us having no "right" to go into Iraq, you might be right on that one. Because we have a RESPONSIBILITY to be in Iraq right now. It was a responsibility we should have carried out in 1991, but we listened to people like you, and it never happened until this year. So screw off, Peta. What kind of a name is Peta, anyways? Peta. Are you like that twit who changed her name to Go-veg?

And since ANSWER is nothing more than a tool of the World Workers Party, the communist asshats, I really don't give a damn about what anyone from that organization has to say. Anyone who advocates a form of government that has killed over 100,000,000 people is a fool and an idiot. Or a dictator in training.

Organizers said most of the protesters will be high school and college students coming from more than 140 cities in the United States and Canada. Becker said Muslim groups, veterans, and families who have loved ones in Iraq or in the military also plan to attend.

There's a shocker, I tell ya! Highschool and college students protesting! Wow, who woulda thunk! Maybe it's because our educational system is nothing but a cesspool of liberal bullshit and indoctrination. Is that harsh? Good, it needs to be. I went through our precious publik skool sistim, and I thought it was full of shit way back then. Once I got out and was hit with reality, that realization sank in even deeper. These twits are airheaded idiots who have been taught to keep their heads firmly planted in their collective asses, no matter what.

I'd love to ship the lot of them off to Iraq, so they can get a dose of reality.

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