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Friday, October 03, 2003

Proof that Fox News isn't Conservative!

One of the arguments that Liberals have always used in the "what Liberal media" argument is that since the mainstream media covered Bill Clinton's scandals, they must not be Liberal!!! There is no media bias -- except for Fox News. Yup, ABC and CNN are fair and impartial, but Fox News: by golly, that's a biased network...

Here you have it. Front page coverage on Arnold Schwarzenegger's dirt on -- Fox News! Story on Arnold from Fox News This morning and all yesterday evening, Fox News's front page story was Arnold's alleged sexual misconduct. Before that, in the afternoon, it was Rush Limbaugh's alleged abuse of oxycontin. Both of them are potentially damaging stories -- especially Rush's drug abuse. And Fox isn't just giving them a passing mention. They are the lead stories of the day.

Look! I just proved that Fox News isn't Conservative! (using Liberal logic, of course)

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