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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Pardon me whilst I wet myself

Been reading Cold Fury again. I just like that name. Cold Fury. Anyways, I don't read the site because of the name, I read the site for gems like this:

[Hiking up her peasant skirt and squatting in the corner, Jones relieved herself of a high-velocity jet of reeking piss directly onto the floor of the room while saying, “Bush and his cronies are simply incapable of understanding the niceties of civilized behavior, and no amount of Daddy’s Money can make of them anything but what they are: dimestore dictators and boorish, déclassé brigands of the first water.” Daintily lifting her clodhopper boots away from the spreading, steaming puddle, she continued: “They’re despicable, and I wish them all dead! DEAD, I tell you!!”]

Okay, so I made that part up. Onwards:

Oh yeah, he's pissed. And rightly so, thanks to an interview with a dope-addled dope who seems to think that her years of doing any drug available now makes her qualified for political analysis.

And lets not forget this post, calling attention to a piece on NRO specificly designed to make any right-thinking person's head explode. Enjoy!

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