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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Jobs on the rise

Tech job postings on two popular online employment sites have increased sharply, a sign that the long moribund job market may finally be turning around.

Craigslist tech job postings in the San Francisco Bay Area have doubled from a year ago and are up 50 percent from six months ago, said CEO Jim Buckmaster. Activity has particularly picked up in the past four weeks, he said.

A similar picture has emerged at, one of the Web's biggest job sites. Overall listings are up 19 percent in the past six months, said founder Jeff Taylor. The increases are centered in such tech job categories as software development (39 percent), call center jobs (36 percent) and engineering (21 percent).

Noting that activity in the San Francisco area often presages shifts in the broader tech marketplace, Taylor said, 'I've spoken to a couple of people in San Francisco in the past 48 or 72 hours, and San Francisco is popping right now. We're being anecdotal here, but in the past four or five weeks, San Francisco has come back to life.' "
Wired News: Not So Quiet on Tech Job Front

People are gonna find jobs. How sad that must make Dem Dopey Dems.

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