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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I feel so dirty.....

I was watching the game last night. Raiders vs. Chiefs. I really don't give a hoot about those two teams, since the Seahawks are out of that division and into the NFC. But, it's standard practice to root against the Raiders, and I am. So I'm drinking a beer and watching the game, just relaxing.

Then Gannon goes down. Hit hard. He's injured. I perk up.

Tui is warming up, and he's coming into the game.

Marques Tuiasasopo was a QB from the University of Washington. A pretty decent guy by all accounts, he was the reason why UW won the Rose Bowl his senior year. Got drafted by the Raiders and spent the past two and a half years riding the bench. Until now.

Suddenly the Raiders are completing passes. Tui's scrambling away from a sack. And I.... I......

I rooted for the Raiders to win.

I feel so dirty.

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