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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Give me a frigging break!

Do you want to know why more and more people view cries of "RACISM" with a jaundiced eye?

Because of crap like this.

The first "hiring report card" will be posted in October 2004 and grades will be based on:

• contact with the BCA during the hiring process;

• efforts to interview candidates of color;

• number of minorities involved in the hiring process;

• the time frame for each search;

• adherence to institutional affirmative-action policies for hiring.

While no official grades were awarded for the last year, numbers compiled by Michigan professor Keith Harrison indicated there are two schools — Washington and Washington State — that would have received an F.

Would anyone like to take a guess why those two schools would be getting an "F"?

Washington hired Keith Gilbertson, who is white, one day after the fired Rick Neuheisel's appeal process ended in July. Bill Doba, also white, succeeded Mike Price a day after Price left WSU in December.

Gilbertson was the line coach and offensive coordinator at UW, and Doba was the defensive coordinator at WSU. Both of them had coached for years that their respective schools, and both were hired because IT WAS THE BEST THING FOR THE TEAM! Color PLAYED NO PART IN IT! Dear G-d in heaven, how stupid are these people? Did they really expect WSU to go to the team and say "Hey, I know that you just lost your coach, and your QB as well as the Outland Trophy winning linebacker and your top cornerback were all drafted, and you might like some sort of continuity, but Doba's a white boy, so fuck him. We're getting a black coach who you don't know anything about who will change the entire system and quite possibly sink this program until everything gets sorted out. Enjoy!"

I mean gee, UW couldn't have hired Gilbertson because he'd been coaching there for years, knew the players, knew the team as a whole, knew the plays, and could provide some stability after a nasty firing of the previous coach, could they? Nah, they hired him because they wanted to keep the black man down! Yeah, that's gotta be the ticket!

The NAACP and the Black Coaches Association need to get a grip, and get a clue. A good portion of America has the "Boy who cried wolf" syndrome when it comes to charges of racism these days, and asshatted crap like this is exactly the reason why. I mean, what do you say when a coaches group demands job interviews BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN??? "Give us job interviews because we're black! Give us jobs because we're black! And if you don't, you're RACIST!"

MLK is rolling in his grave right now, I tell you.

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