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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Dammit, just FIRE THEM!

The teachers in Marysville are finally going back to work thanks to a court injunction, but not without much bitching and moaning.

"Marysville teachers will return to the classrooms and our students," said Elaine Hanson, president of the Marysville Education Association, "but our fight doesn't end tonight." Hanson said the school board membership "has got to go." She said teachers would support opponents for all three school board members, out of five, who are up for re-election Nov. 4.

Now, Ms. Hanson, a pudgy, pasty-faced asexual-looking woman has been just about as nasty as you can be and still get on TV. Just looking at the woman makes me side with the school district.

Teachers will continue to seek "a fair and reasonable contract" through negotiations, Hanson said. No talks have been scheduled right now, she said Monday night.

Fair and reasonable? Let's see here, Ms. Hanson. Right now you have the 9th highest average teacher salary in the state of Washington, at least 10% above the state average. You have a small, rural school district. You've badmouthed the school district and the parents, demanded more money from people who can't afford it, yeah, we've got "fair and resonable" for ya.

Marysville schools also have other problems. The school district's financial controls have been faulted by the state auditor, test scores are underwhelming and voters earlier this year rejected a tax levy to build a new high school.

So these people can't even teach the kids very well, but they want more money? They should be on their knees thanking g-d that they don't get paid by their actuall performance, because then they wouldn't get SQUAT! They would be OWING the school district!

I can't begin to express my disgust at these socialist pricks. They get paid in the top percentile in Washington, yet their kids aren't learning at that rate. They demand more money in the middle of a period of high unemployement, from a school district that is mostly rural, and then go on the longest teacher's strike in history when they're told "We don't have the money". That's the bottom line! The school district is stretched to the breaking point, but these idiotic twits don't care, they want more! These over-paid pampered beurocrats should have been fired long ago, but they're state employees. They don't deserve a pay raise, they deserve to lose their jobs! Maybe if they spent as much time trying to teach kids properly as they do grabbing for their piece of the pie, we wouldn't be facing a generation of graduates who CAN'T FRIGGING READ!!!!!!

Fire them all. They're nothing but a bunch of whiny, over-paid, snot-nosed, worthless, socialists. Those kids could get a better education from the school janitor than from the teachers. At least the janitors showed up last month ready to work.

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