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Monday, October 20, 2003

BITE ME, you snot-nosed ecoFREAKS!

I was watching the news this morning when a blurb came on that had me screaming.

Remember the Spotted Owl? That sacred bird that shut down 22,000 logging jobs for good? Savior of the old growth forests?

It's becoming extinct. Oops. And it's due to the Barred Owl, not humans.

There is a spin on this story that you wouldn't believe. Of course the eco-freaks are screaming that it's all us evil humans that are killing them off. Heaven forbid that these brainless idiotic fucking walking piles of shit actually take responsibility for their actions and admit they were wrong. I wonder if any of these IQ draining fucktards have actually been to an old growth forest. I will admit, they're beautiful. Big trees. Lots of shade. Lots and LOTS of shade, and pine needles littering the ground. Nothing but trees and their needles.

No undergrowth. Which means no little animals. Which means NO FRIGGING FOOD FOR THE DAMN OWLS!

Maybe if these soul-sucking slack-jawed halfwits had ACTUALLY LISTENED TO PEOPLE WHO KNEW THE FOREST, we wouldn't be dealing with this problem. Maybe if these moronicly incompetant anal-warts had ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THE FORESTERS WHO STUDY THE DAMN FOREST we wouldn't have lost 22,000 frigging jobs as well as the owls themselves. But no, these self-righteous bloviating asshats had to DO SOMETHING to validate their pathetic worthless existance, so they latched on to the damn owls and didn't let go, never ONCE thinking about the cycle of life and death in the forest. Ever heard of a field mouse? Yes? Everyone has. Ever hear about the forest mouse? No? Do you know why? BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY DAMN FOOD FOR THE DAMN MICE IN THE DAMN FOREST, THAT'S WHY! THERE ARE NO FOREST MICE! Mice and rabbits and groundhogs and gophers and all the other animals that an owl eats DON'T LIVE IN THE DAMN FOREST! They live in FIELDS and MEADOWS and OPEN AREAS, which have now VANISHED because nobody is allowed to LOG THE DAMN FOREST!

So we've lost jobs, and now we're losing the owls. Gee, thanks you asstastic ECOFREAKS! The owl is dying and it's YOUR DAMN FAULT! But do you accept that? Nooooooooo, we have to keep going down the road which has caused all the damn problems to begin with! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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