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Friday, October 24, 2003

Another failure of Socialized Healthcare

As much as the Barking Moonbat Brigades love to bleat about how much cheaper drugs are in Canada, they never seem to figure out just WHY those drugs are cheaper. It's because the Canadian government refuses to honor the patent on drugs that have recently been made. Pharmacutical companies spend MILLIONS of dollars in research and development, and the expect to recoup that cost when they secure a patent and put the drug on the market. Well, if one country refuses to honor those patents, what do you think the company does?

It refuses to release their drug in that market.

Consider what drove New Brunswick's Bill and Mary Cooper (names changed to protect privacy) to head south to the U.S. for treatment of their Type II Diabetes. Bill discovered Glucophage XR was the most-effective drug, but it wasn't available under his provincial health plan. Mary, his wife, was doing well on Avandia. But when she switched from private pay to the provincial health plan, she was forced to start taking older medications even though they posed a risk of hypoglycemia and weight gain of 10 to 15 pounds..

Folks, this is Economics 101, OK? If you, through your government's regulations, refuse to allow a company to make a profit off of the companies product, then they will NOT MAKE THAT PRODUCT ANYMORE. It. Is. That. SIMPLE! Researchers and scientists cost MONEY! Labs and equipment cost MONEY! When you strip away the companies ability to recoup the money that they put into researching a particular drug, THEY WON'T DO ANY MORE RESEARCH!

And among the biggest sticks is the national government's threat to strip a drug company of its patent and allow generic companies, which bear no cost of research and development, the right to produce a drug if the patent-holding company fails to bring its products to market.

All of this means it takes much longer for new drugs to reach the Canadian consumer — and some never do.

Socialized Healthcare will do nothing but destroy the quality of medical care in this country. I read in an article that the reason Toronto got hit so hard with SARS is because they had an infectious patient lying on a gurney in the hospital's hallway for 12 hours! I see Canadians come down into the USA for healthcare on a daily basis! If government-controled healthcare is so great, why do you NEVER hear about an American going up to Canada for knee surgery? Heart surgery?

AIDS medication Reyataz, available in the U.S., hasn't even begun the approval process in Canada. Pegasus, a drug that treats Hepatitis C, has been approved in the U.S. for three years, where it's already available in a new and improved version. Canadians, however, still don't have access to the original version.

THIS is the system that Hillary Clinton wanted to put in place in America? No thank you.

Actually, let me restate that. No. Hell no. Not a CHANCE in hell NO! Let me add NO. Let me further state NO. Let me remind you, NO! Let me conclude with NO! And let's talk about the time I said NO!

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