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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

What's next after Big Tobacco and Big Fast Food?

It looks to me like: Big Video Game

"In the wake of a recent deadly Tennessee shooting in which two teens shot and killed a man, the family of the deceased has filed a lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive, publisher of Grand Theft Auto, according to ABC News. Both teens have plead guilty to reckless homicide, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment."

"The game was implicated as an inspiration for the teens, ages 14 and 16. According to the news dispatch, the plaintiff's attorney, Jack Thompson, stated, "The industry needs to cough up money so victims and their families can be compensated for their pain... The shareholders need to know what their games are doing to kids and their families. They need to stop pushing adult-rated products to kids. These products are deadly."

"These products are deadly"? Most people think that sharp objects, guns, and explosives are deadly, not CD's that come in a box and produce images on a screen.

Sue whoever has the deepest pockets: It's the American way.

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