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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Uh.... DUH!

"Emphasis on multiculturalism and cultural diversity is getting in the way of proper history and civics educations" is the headline. Gee, ya think?

“What is wrong with social studies today is a large number of those who determine what is taught ... don’t think it’s important to teach what it means to be an American," said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn

And when teachers publicly chastise the children of military servicemen and women in class, and don't get fired, you know you have a problem. Nice to see that SOMEONE finally woke up.

Teachers’ associations reject the suggestion that educators have failed at teaching social studies and take exception to accusations that social studies teachers and their mentors in academia are attempting to spread an un-American message.

Here's a newsflash for you: the teachers aren't failing ONLY at social studies, they're failing at everything. Our school system needs to be rebuilt, but the Donks are blocking any type of reform.

(former president of the National Council for the Social Studies) Theisen also said publishers can also do more to increase student interest in the topic. “Most textbooks are almost universally bland and uninspiring,” he said

Information can be bland and uninspiring. YOU, as a TEACHER, should be able to TEACH that information to your STUDENTS in a way that allows them to LEARN IT!

Bennett offered several remedies for the problems he saw both in the way social studies is taught and in education generally. Citing the narrowness of opinions on some campuses, Bennett said schools should emphasize greater intellectual, rather than cultural, diversity. He also encouraged parents to become more involved in their children’s education and emphasized the importance of school choice.

“You really should be able to flee a place that you think is corrupting the child’s mind,” he said.

In other words, school vouchers, which the Donks are fighting tooth and nail against, because they know they would lose their monopoly over schools with voucher implementation.

A man in Tennessee held college students hostage today for several hours. How do you think it would have gone if one of those students was armed?

Bad man: EVERYBODY FREEZE! Nobody is going anywhere until I talk to the *BANG*

Teacher: Oh, great. Now I have to clean blood off my desk! Class Dismissed!

Student: Sorry, I didn't realise these Glaser rounds would do that to a man.

Ready for more news? There's a movement in the USA for 16 year olds being allowed to vote. After looking this over, I'm pretty against it. Think of yourself at 16. Then think of yourself again at 18. How much did you change? How much did you learn? How many actions do you regret, and would take back if you could?

In my opinion, the age should stay at 18, and we should lower the damn drinking age to 18 as well. You can vote, smoke, join the military, you should be able to have a beer while you're getting out of your BDU's.

Some of the people who helped Enron cook the books are finally getting charged.

Daniel Bayly, Robert Furst and James Brown were named in a three-count federal indictment unsealed Wednesday in Houston. They were scheduled to appear before a judge later in the day.

Danny, Robby, Jimmy, meet Bubba. He can't do accounting, but he can sure toss a mean salad!

I would go into International news, but everytime I see Arafat's mug pasted on some webpage, I start puking. When will someone take this pus-filled terrorist out of the game? We could have been talking about trade relations between Israel and Palestine right now, if Arafat had taken the deal in 2000. He's never wanted peace, and it's time to treat him as the terrorist he is.

In short, kill him.

I won't get into sports, since my *&()@#$ Mariners fell into their 2nd-half slump. Right now they couldn't hit their own balls with a bat. Thank god the Seahawks are 2-0, otherwise this entire city would be doubling their Prozac dosage.

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