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Thursday, September 04, 2003


This is an outrage and Senate Republicans should be aroused from sleep in the middle of the night to explain this. These pusillanimous brain-dead useless automatons did absolutely nothing to push this good man's nomination forward. All the Fedayeen Democrats did was wait him out. They knew that eventually he had to return to normal life. 28 friggin months he waited. Bush and all the the country club Republicans who are unwilling to break a sweat for the judiciary should be gravely ashamed. If it were not for the perfidy of the Left and the certain peril their leadership would cause, the lack of fight in these complacent pancake-faced jackasses is enought to cause me to not vote for them again. - Estrada Bows Out: "'The time has come to return my full attention to the practice of law, and to regain the ability to make long-term plans for my family,' the Honduran immigrant will tell President Bush today, in a letter we obtained from a source other than the author."

Can someone name me a Senate Republican worth a dime? Please?
I like Lindsey Graham (for his stewardship during impeachment) and Mitch McConnell (for his fight against campaign finance reform). The rest of them are go-along to get-along wastes of political votes.

Fine, Republicans are winning because they are the only sane politicians in America at the moment. Otherwise, they are doing nothing to steer the country away from degenerate liberalism and toward a more reasonable republic. Nothing pisses me off more than their total unwillingness to take on the Left.

"In Mr. Estrada's case this is all the more outrageous because his only sin is being a smart Hispanic conservative. No fewer than four former Democrats who supervised his work in the Justice Department have vouched for his integrity and qualifications; if he were white he'd already be confirmed. But because he is a young Hispanic, liberals fear the appellate-court credential would make him that much harder to oppose if he were ever nominated to the Supreme Court."

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