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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Scratch a liberal, find a dictator

So says Kim, after reading this little article.

Fairness was the overriding concern for the folks marching to the barricades, but no one really knew how to define or achieve it. So we decided to set up a "fair trade soda stand" along the parade route on Saturday. We offered Coke, Sprite, and water to the hot and bothered activists. The catch was that they could choose from two options: the free trade and the fair trade price. The sign for the fair price (20 pesos) explained that the price included the true cost of the drink plus: health care, environmental protections, taxes and other welfareish provisions; while the free trade price (5 pesos) included only the true cost of the beverage.

All was going well, until.......

This drew the attention of the anarchist section of the parade. Unlike the Nirvana cheerleaders, these lads, toting spray paint and broom handles, didn’t seem too amused with our little beverage stand. They formed a human trade barrier by encircling our booth, holding hands, and glowering at us. At this point, we decided it best to leave rather than risk reprisal.

Kim's exact quote? "I've always stated that when you scratch a liberal, you find totalitarianism not far under the surface."

Yep. And like Kim, I would have stood there until the bastards forced me to move, in which case there would have been several of the anti-freedom bastards carried to the hospital. Don't be fooled by pretty words, folks. These "activists" and other assorted Leftists don't give a damn about freedom, being fair, or anything else. They want control over you, over your families, over your friends, and over your country. Single payer healthcare? Who do you think controls that? Not you! Welfare state? Who do you think controls that? NOT YOU! Gun control? Who do you think controls the guns? NOT YOU!

Modern American Liberalism is about taking away control from the common man. And it shows.

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