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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

One More

Before I go into a hellacious level of house-cleaning, trying to make my pigsty look presentable before my mom visits.

Bane is one of those people who makes outrageous statements that you laugh about, until you realise that he's not kidding. I've chatted with him on other blogs. But I stopped by his blog and found this little gem.

German prisoners, captured during WWII, held their cigarettes with shaking fingers as they recounted how frightening it was to watch US soldiers come at them...dying, being cut in half by machine gun and rifle fire, still they kept coming...silently, remorselessly, and without mercy

Let me repeat those last two words: WITHOUT MERCY

illiterate as they are about everything else, they are doomed to relearn the lesson those Aryan Supermen learned. We will keep coming at you...we will kill you all if we have to...we will kill, arrest, and imprison anyone who gets in our way...until you are dead, or contemplating your nightmares after ignominious surrender.

I'm feeling it. Our fighting men are the best in the world, a fact that is being reinforced on a daily basis. And once we are set on action, you cannot stop us.

Learn that fact now, or learn it as you feel the bullets hit you.

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