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Friday, September 12, 2003

Nah, There's no Bias at NPR

Remember that this is the kind of Talk Radio the Left loves when they wage their jihad on the current free-market radio scheme:

The Truth Laid Bear: Inside the mind of NPR:
"Terry Gross: Could you describe what you consider to be the emotional high point and low point for you during the war --- as a reporter and as a human being being there?
Anne Garrels: I think a curious high point was in the weeks afterwards when I realized that all the months of staying there had really been worth it because Iraqis had so accurately predicted what was going to happen happen; Iraqis knew themselves and made it very clear. So in a perverse kind of way I guess that was a high point. I was astonished at how ill-prepared the Bush administration was for the aftermath from the very beginning. And that continues to this day."

The high point for an NPR correspondent was when American soldiers started being murdered by terrorists and angry remnants of the old Stalinist Regime.....Simply Disgusting

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