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Friday, September 05, 2003

Must Read

David Warren has put together a piece regarding the mind of Radical Islam and the irresistable flypaper that is Iraq. To wit:

By Western standards, the Muslim 'holy warrior' is a coward, looking only for the sucker punch, and refusing to offer battle when his enemy is even slightly prepared. By his own, of course, he is not.

The terrorists will attack civilians, religious, and other innocents and bystanders, for the very reason they are unprotected. But the idea is not mere tactical surprise. He wins through fear, not force of arms.

He is not afraid of death, as we would more likely be. He is instead, by our standards, almost morbidly afraid of failure. He wishes all observers to believe he is invincible, and will avoid doing what might show he is not. Directly attacked himself, he melts away.
Furthest from a true understanding of these people are those American Leftists who advocate that we vacate Iraq now. One might conclude that the two parties are acting in concert.

You can read the rest here.

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