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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

More liberal "tolerance"

Here's a question for you. If a republican mayor of a major US city had made remarks like "Jewish lawyers and Jewish architects." how long do you think he would last? What if that same mayor gave a no-bid, $1-million-a-year airport contract to his brother? And what if this same mayor, who is in a tight election race, had his supporters try to intimidate the opposing candidate? How long do you think that mayor would last? Not very long, right?

Amazing how things work if you're a Democrat though, isn't it?

And from the Department of "Meet Bubba, your new cell-mate", is the story of Rep. Janklow (R-SD). Guess what, Mr. Janklow. When you get tanked to the gills, and then get behind the wheel of your car and kill someone, it's just the same as if you pulled a gun and shot them. YOU made the decision to drive drunk. YOU made the choice to get behind the wheel. YOU could have avoided this crime. But you didn't. And now, someone is dead because of YOUR CHOICE.

I have no doubt that the justice system will find a way to avoid their duty, since drunk driving is punished slightly less than jaywalking in this country. I can't tell you the number of DUI's I've processed, only to see some asshatted judge reduce the sentance to "reckless driving". Misdemeanor, no jail time, thankyouforrapingthejusticesystemwithasandpapercondom your "Honor". This bastard got drunk and killed someone. Send him to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars, go rot in jail until your life ends. And then maybe, just MAYBE, you can experience the misery of a family who's life has been shattered because you wanted to have "just a few drinks" before you drove home.

This country needs to get serious with drunk drivers. A national case like this would make a good start.

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