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Thursday, September 04, 2003


Like Tim, I answered some questions by Mark, and my answers are a bit different from Tim's. But it took me quite a while and several pots of coffee.

1.Who was the greatest man in history, the one who's life had the greatest impact on the course of human events.

This was a tough one, because there are so many people with good reasons. But, in relatively modern history, I would have to say George Washington. When the colonies won the war with Britan, he was originally offered the crown of America. And he turned it down. His decision was the difference between the Kindom of America and the United States of America. However, if you want to just go with impact, regardless of good or evil, I would say Lenin. More people have died from the choices he made, either directly or indirectly, than anyone else on earth.

2.If you had it within your power to go back and rewrite history just once, what would you change? Would you still do it even if you could not know the outcome?

Without knowing the outcome, I wouldn't want to screw with history too much. I suppose I might pop a cap in Karl Marx, but that doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't come up with the same idea. So I suppose, since I can't know the outcome, I would have made sure that Amelia Erhardt didn't get lost.

3.If you could toss a pie in the face of anyone on earth and get away with it, who would you pick? And what would you put in the pie?

Oh, easy. Billy Clinton. And I'd fill it with the shit from all the boys in my old platoon. Sick and hatefull? Yes, but if you weren't in the service while he was CinC, you can't properly understand.

4.Do you believe or disbelieve the faces on Mars are real? Please explain your answer.

I believe that weather, or what passes for it on Mars, has pushed and pulled the terrain of Mars into formations that we like to call "faces". I do not believe that some native lifeform built faces into the surface of Mars millions of years ago.

5. Do you believe a person controls his own fate within the limits of events, or do you think we are all pawns in the hands of others?
A person controls themself and the situations that person enters. So yes, he controls his own fate. But that person can also give up that control if they so choose. Since giving up that control is their choice, yes, they control their own fate. Make sense? I need more coffee.

So, is anyone else open to answering any questions?

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